Corey Alan Boivin – US Air Force 10 Years

Puppy – Hank

Words from Shawn Michaud about Corey and his Service dog Hank. Thank you for this amazing testimony!

Answer me this…
Have you ever?
Seen a 4 month old puppy on its 1st day with its new owner sit and stay upon command in a public setting, i.e. Boardwalk on Clearwater beach?
Seen a 4 month old puppy lay down at an outdoor restaurant and watch other dogs cross 1′ in front of his face without so much as flicking a nostril?
Seen a 4 month old puppy sit in the heel position on a sidewalk in a populated area while a child is pushing his buddy with a shopping cart at full stride 1′ in front of that puppy’s paws and not break sit?

Meet Hank. He is a Cane Corso and he is a service dog. He serves an Airman Corey Boivin who is near and dear to my extended family’s heart and he is a huge part of that family. The only bloodline shared is through our service dogs, but the love is STRONG!

Thank you for this, Harry Toro, I don’t know what the hell you did with Hank, but he is THE most amazing dog I have ever met. You know my standards and have seen them develop and I am amazed. That warrior NEEDED an easy transition, and by God you provided….. Again. How on earth does my family repay this??
Corsos for Heroes!!!!! Who are the REAL heroes?