Eric Heal – US Air Force E-3/A1C

I’m Thankful for Corsos for Hero’s. I was a recipient of a beautiful female Sydney (formerly Phiona).

I travelled from Maine to Lutz Florida to meet Harry to receive my dog. He spent the day with me introducing me and Sydney. Gave me tips on how to handle her(walking techniques/etc). He was very accommodating..with pizza and soda for lunch and a tour of his location and shared his vision of expansion..since returning to Maine he has frequently reached out being a very help resource and supportive of me and the wonderful companion he connected me with..

Sydney has been very helpful and is the link that has been missing in my life.. she is extremely loyal, loving and helpful.. she keeps me calm when I get anxiety.. she is my loyal listener.. she keeps me calm and grounded as well as focused. It nice to be needed and have her to give me focus. She depends on me as much as I do her..

I am eternally grateful for the companionship and constant devotion she provides and love, as well as her help in my everyday life.
I am very thankful for Harry and Corsos for Heroes organization, it has truly changed my life!

Thank You for everything..

Eric Heal



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