John Village

When Corsos for Heroes placed Xena with me, it was a transformative event in my life. I feel honored to have been chosen to care for such a magnificent animal. This dog has brought such joy and fullness to my daily life. The companionship alone has impacted my very soul.

I’ve spent almost twenty seven years in the U.S.Army, the first six and a half years as an Infantryman, and the last twenty years in Special Forces as a Green Beret. I’ve had six combat tours, starting from the first Gulf war to multiple deployments in the Global War on Terror and Afghanistan. My spirit has been damaged by countless traumas throughout my career.

The accompaniment and love that Xena provides keeps me balanced which is something that I was missing since I retired. She gives me hope and purpose that I otherwise would not have. Being part of the Corsos for Heroes family has been such a positive experience for me. I want to thank you, Xena thanks you, and my girlfriend especially thanks you.

John Village



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