Mike Vetra – US Army Sgt 26 years

Mike Vetra
US Army Sgt 26 years
Puppy – Bear

I want to thank Harry and Corsos for Heroes for donating one of their amazing puppies to me. The entire process was professional and user friendly. I sent them an email asking about a support dog and they replied immediately! I was shocked at how fast they responded and impressed. They reached out to me with a phone call and we talk for an hour about the program and how it could help me. We scheduled a time where I could come visit them and meet the dogs. Right away they were more than welcoming. Once I was introduced to Bear I fell in love with him. He was such a big Puppy yet so well behaved and mild mannered for a puppy that was only 5 months old. Harry explained everything about the program why they breed their dogs and what they breed them for. Their program is amazing, they strive to help as many veterans and 1st responders with dogs that can help them live their lives in peace again. The only goal is to help others live a happy life. I have had Bear a little over a month now and it has been great. We have begun pur training program and he is doing amazing with it. I am shocked how well behaved he is and that is because Harry did such a great job raising and socializing these dogs. I can never repay him for his contribution to me and my family and only hope that they can reach as many veterans and 1st responders in need as they have done for me. My life has truly been forever changed thanks to Corso’s for Heroes.


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